I have been asked questions on the following topics and provide my answers here:

Statement of Principles

I supported the diversity agenda which included the Statement of Principles. I brought a motion to clarify the SOP requirement and withdrew the motion once the Guidelines were negotiated and published. To me, the Guidelines clarify that the SOP regulates our behavior, not our thoughts. I see the SOP as a yearly reminder that each of us has a role to play in reducing barriers, discrimination and harassment in the workplace, profession and with the public. I appreciate that a lot of lawyers do not agree with the SOP. I respect those views and will defend your right to hold them but I cannot agree that the SOP should be rescinded. I hope that answers your question.


I support additional but limited governance changes. The Law Society regulates the legal profession in the public interest. In my view, that is best achieved by benchers who serve the public across the province in different ways. Criminal, crown and family lawyers bring those perspectives. Civil or commercial litigators and real estate or corporate lawyers come with their own issues and insights into what the public needs and wants. I prefer a larger Convocation for that reason, but would support reduction of Convocation to 30 elected benchers, 15 from inside and 15 from outside Toronto with the paralegal and law benchers retaining their spots at the table.