Ranjan Agarwal, Partner, Bennett Jones LLP
Barb Murchie brings experience, professionalism, and common sense to the Law Society. She has been a thoughtful voice for a more progressive profession, keeping in mind our obligations to the public. Her experience will be invaluable to the Law Society as it grapples with new and interesting challenges. I wholeheartedly endorse Barbara Murchie.

Sumeet (Sonu) Dhanju-Dhillon, Partner, Torkin Manes LLP
Barb is a true supporter of diversity in the profession and a dynamic example of sponsorship in action. Barb is engaged with all facets of the legal profession, putting her wisdom to good use. She has been a source of support and sound judgement throughout my career, and many others.

Neena Gupta, Partner, Gowlings, Waterloo
I was privileged to work with Barb when I was a young associate. I learned a great deal from her. She is smart, practical, hard-working, media-savvy, compassionate and she simply can get things done. She has an ability to get her point across without being confrontational. She is committed to issues that are dear to my heart, including the quality of training we give our young professionals and retaining a diverse profession. Barb has my unqualified support.

Peter Hrastovec, LSM, Partner, Shibley Righton, Windsor
A hard-working, selfless volunteer and engaging advocate. Barb Murchie gets it. She goes above and beyond the call of duty. In my experience, she possesses the kind of wisdom and drive that is required in Convocation. Barb has my vote!

Dominique Hussey, Partner, Bennett Jones LLP
I have worked with Barb Murchie for a decade and know her very well. Barb is sensitive, sensible, serious, and highly attuned to the interests and needs of the young, the not-quite-as-young, and the diverse. She truly cares about the quality and character of our profession and has an extremely strong record of service. Re-elect Barb Murchie if you want a bencher who is honest, fair, judicious, practical, committed, principled, hard-working, unafraid, and who lives by her word. She is the model of integrity and, from my perspective, the ideal candidate.

Alf Kwinter, Singer Kwinter
I want to voice my strongest support for Barb’s Re-election as Bencher. Over the years, Barb and I have co- chaired a number of Advocates’ Society programs. She is an outstanding educator and has served our profession well. We need Barb back!

Alan Lenczner Q.C., Lenczner Slaght
I worked with Barb in a long trial some years ago. She was collaborative when appropriate but stuck to her guns when necessary. These are characteristics that serve both the profession and the public in a regulatory environment. I am pleased to recommend Barb for re-election.

Susan McGrath, Sole Practitioner, Iroquois Falls
Barb has been a committed and enthusiastic bencher able to navigate between the perspectives of larger urban firms and those of us practicing in the North and other isolated areas. I have counted on her as a mentor, ”co-conspirator” and a friend. Your vote for Barb is a vote for a clear, effective voice at Convocation.

Malcolm Mercer, Treasurer LSO
I have always appreciated Barb’s dedication to the work of the Law Society and, especially, to ensuring that clients are served by professionals who are competent and conduct themselves properly. Barb helps make the Law Society work better.

Laurie Pawlitza, Emeritus Treasurer LSO
Barb and I worked together for 10 years, as young lawyers and the only women in our litigation group. Barb was loyal, dependable and unafraid to take a stand. As a bencher, she is thoughtful, collaborative and works hard. Barb understands issues, not just from her own perspective but from that of the public and those who practice in smaller centres as well.

Tanya Walker, Partner, Walker Law
I support Barb for re-election. She brings wisdom and experience to the bencher table. Her sensible approach to issues we consider is valuable and important.

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